Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Revision Policy:

Logo Design Bizz provides unlimited number of revisions in all its services. Customers have the right to ask for unlimited number of revisions and we will revise the designs without asking for any additional cost. Revision in designs can take up to 48 hours.

2. Rebate Policy:

We make sure that our customers return completely satisfied that is why we provide unlimited revisions in all our services. Moreover, to place cherry on top we also provide 100% money back to our customers based on some terms and conditions

  • In case of failing to complete the job or deliver the ordered content on time as per the required delivery policy your amount will be rebated.
  • In case of disappointing results, when a design or development service of Logodesignbizz.com is acquired, you have the option to request a rebate within five working day period. However, it shall be understood by both parties that the customer is not satisfied with his initial designs, in such case your money will be rebated to you. This service applies on all services and packages of Logo Design bizz website.

3. All rebates will be made on the following provisions:

You will be eligible for a rebate before the delivery of initial concepts. The processing fee and 10% service charges will be deducted from the total amount.

You will be eligible for a 66% rebate within 48 hours post order. The processing fee and 10% service charges will be deducted from the total amount.

You will be eligible for a 33% rebate during 48 – 120 hours post order. The processing fee and 10% service charges will be deducted from the total amount.

You will not be eligible for rebate in payment after you have approved initial designs.

No rebate will be entertained if a period of two months or 60 days have passed post order. However as per the customer gratification you will be able to re activate your order with an imbursement of certain fee (based on order cost).

All rebate requests should be directly made to the support department. Logodesignbizz.com reserves the right to approve or disapprove a request based on violation of policy agreement.

4. How Can You Claim Your Rebate?

To declare your requested rebate is approved you need to meet the following criteria.

You can claim your rebate by contact-using us through the following:

Toll Free no: 18666950620
Email. support@logodesignbizz.com

We will try to specify the concerned problem that you stated in your request and take action against it. If that is unfeasible we will rebate the said amount based on the above listed provisions.

It should be noted that if you request a rebate of the ordered service. You will lose the right to display/modify/use/keep content or any version of the content of the design sent to you by logodesignbizz.com

It should also be noted that:

  • Since you will not own the designs sent to you in case of a rebate. You agree that you will not use, reproduce or spread content/work/media produced, nor will you have any interest in its ownership.
  • As per the Government Copy Right agency, Logodesignbizz.com reserves the right to share possession information of the produced material that was rebated by the ordered personnel. Moreover, it will restrict the usage of the said material online as well in print.

For more information/queries/concerns or details, feel free to contact-us logodesignbizz.com at the address provided or through the contact-us form.

5. Quality Assurance Guidelines:

In order to provide the best quality results our designers will not diverge from the listed specifications provided in the contact-us/package detail form.

All designs by Logodesignbizz.com are made using the state of the art technology and creative imagination. If in case the produced designs dissatisfy you, you reserve the right to ask for revisions or rebate.

6. Satisfaction Guarantee Pledge:

Logodesignbizz.com ensures that its customers receive proper support during and after the said service through newsletters and white paper statements.

Moreover, we provide unlimited revisions as per the policy guide lines to bring the best out of a design order so that our customers return satisfied.

Keeping in mind the hectic printing details, Logodesignbizz.com ensures you full collaboration during the process. We can also work in coordination with your printing company to serve the best service possible.

7. Domain/ Hosting Procedure:

For all development services, logodesignbizz.com provides domain as well as hosting service of the ordered service free of charge.

Moreover, the company will also provide email accounts on third party packages if applicable.

8. Delivery Procedure:

All type of content including files, audios, videos, and images will be delivered to client’s email/Skype or the system that was used during the order processing duration.

We deliver all files with in a period of 3 days unless the order prescribes the date, or the order takes more time in processing the date is mentioned to the client before the order starts processing.

9. Documentation Details:

We keep track of all data processed by logodesignbizz.com. The data is used for accountability of the company.

Moreover, it can also be used as a backup in case a client loses his received documents.

10. Customer Support Plan:

A 24 hour customer support plan is always in motion to answer your queries and answer your feedback.

11. Communication Notification:

Logodesignbizz.com will not be held responsible for any correspondence from email addresses other than the ones listed on our website. Moreover, any calls received other than the number that is mentioned on our website will not be made from logodesignbizz.com.

We only take responsibility for communication generated through our website live chat or the email addresses ending with @logodesignbizz.com or the email address listed or mentioned on our website by the webmaster.

Note: Stolen credit cards are illegal and strictly prohibited. If found any use of such cards in ordering or processing payments, Logodesignbizz.com reserves the right to take action against them.