Missouri Logo Design

Missouri Logo Design

There are several distinct features in the state of Missouri that will enable you to relate your business to it, and create a good brand and logo design. Prominent among these features are the Ozark Mountains and the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Ozark are very rich in lead, zinc, iron, and barite.

The chief agricultural products of Missouri are beef, soy beans, pork, dairy, hay, corn, poultry, eggs, and wine. Additionally, Missouri also produces a huge amount of limestone, lead, coal, Portland cement as well as crushed stones. All of these would appear good if incorporated in a business’s logo.

There are many state symbols unique to Missouri as well. The bluebird is the state bird, while the Missouri mule is the state animal. The Hawthorn is the local flower, while the Norton Cynthiana grape is the local fruit. Missouri’s state horse is the Missouri Fox Trotter, its state tree is the Flowering Dogwood. There is simply is no dearth of features that may be considered when designing a business logo.

Lush trees and rolling hills make for extremely beautiful and colorful surroundings in Missouri. Owing to the large amount of rainfall, the state is green for much of the year. Additionally, there are green wine vineyards that can be seen as one travels through the state.

If the colors and features of Missouri are combined when creating a business brand and logo, it would be very easy to convey clearly that an organization is based in Missouri and relates well to the state.