Logo Design Process - How it works

We at Logo Online Pros realize the importance of a logo which represents the image and profile of a business. With realizing all related aspects of the project, our team of dedicated designers respond instantly to your queries and requests and we start working on the logo project immediately. This calibrated approach allows us to provide our customers with custom designed completed design logos, website design logos or redesigned logos in 48 hours or less! Following are our field tested and critically acclaimed development procedures that we apply in our design hubs.

Step 1

Choose One of the packages available from the options on the website

Our customers have the option to choose from numerous distinctive packages which are offered at our website. Each of these packages is constituted, keeping the customer at our highest priority. Our basic package consists of a team of two designers, who have the ability to deliver your required logo in less than 2 days. This package is mostly considered by small or new business clients. The expensive packages are equipped with value added services such as free revisions and designing logo concepts along with business stationery that is custom designed according to the clients needs. For complete details regarding packages read our section on Pricing and Packaging.

Step 2

Hearing you out

This step is one of the many reasons why most companies and businesses decide to hire Logo Online Pros for their logo designing work. In this step we ask our clients to fill out a form; which entail the requirements for their logo, such as what type of image is required to portray their company and so on. If our clients are not able to write down, what exactly they want their logo to portraythen they can also contact us through phone. For telephonic conversations the client just has to make a call, to one of our support consultants and our representative are available around the clock to serve all your needs. The Support Consultants will ask you various questions to ascertain the type of business you run and then decide on a logo design which will fulfil your business requirements and more.

Step 3

Checking Up

Yet another valuable service that we provide to our customersis the ability to keep track of their work online. Upon hiring our logo design services one of our support consultants will email you an ID and a password, which you can use to log in to our website. After logging into the website, we will take you to your profile which will show the progress related to your customized logo design, and will display the expected date and time for the first prototype delivery of your logo for review.

Step 4

Review Time

Once our designers have designed your specifically designed logo we will deliver the initial logo design samples in less than 2 days for your review. The number of samples that will be provided to you depends on the package which you have chosen. On many occasions our designers also provide our clients with extra logo designs and concepts which are absolutely free of cost. Once you have received the logo samples then you can decide which logo design to finalize, or you can even take some time out to consult your business partners or associates and then inform us accordingly. After final confirmation from your side, we can provide the finished product within the next two days.

Step 5

Logo Revision

Once the customer has finalized a logo design or has asked for some revisions in their logo sample; all you need to do is to either email or call one of our support consultants, who will inquire about the changes required in your logo design. Another facility which our website provides is the opportunity to talk with our design consultants via live chat. This enables the clients to inform designer what exactly you require and also helps us in enhancing the image quality. These revisions are conditional to the package offered. (Amongst which the expensive package includes the facility to call for as many revisions as required.)

Step 6

The Final Logo

Once the client has finalized a logo design, then our designers will format it almost immediately for final delivery. Then the final product is delivered immediately to you and you can download the logo and start using it as a letter head, for fax or any other outlet. We also provide these logos in different formats so that they are easily accessed and viewed by programs such as MS Picture Viewer, Microsoft Office and other programs.