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Web Design Events 2015 Casino Slots Signup Bonuses No Deposit Australia

April 29, 2015 Stacy Adams

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2014 was a year of many web design events. Constant involvement from the industry gurus improved the overall experience for attendees. Lots of new and upcoming designers gain unequivocal edge from these gatherings. Continuing the multi faceted foray of events from 2014, 2015 so far has its roster full.

Here’s a quick round up of main events in 2015, April – June.




Date: April 2-3, 2015.
Location: New York, USA
WebVisionsNYC organized an event for designers in the New York area as an opportunity to learn and interact. Focused discussions on web design, content creation, user experience and business strategy were held at Projective Space.

Yggdrasil 2015

Date: April 14-15, 2015.
Location: Sandefjord, Norway
One of the leading conferences in Norway, Yggdrasil is held annually to create an environment of social design sharing and networking. Target audiences of 2015 conference are web designer, information architects, webmaster, front end developers and field related professionals.

Resonate 2015

Date: April 16-18, 2015
Location: Belgrade, Serbia.
A 3 day meet up for designers and developers to facilitate a forward looking, technology driven debate on the usage of tools in arts and culture.


Date: April 18, 2015
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgari Web Summit is an annual conference about the new web. Summit consists of speaking sessions, networking opportunities, hands-on tutorial to apply in work and latest programming, marketing, design and business development practices.

O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2015
Date: April 20-22, 2015.
Location: San Francisco, USA
A three day conference was organized by O’Reilly Fluent that covers the guides, tools and technologies for Web. Platforms in spotlight were JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to name a few. Conference was focused on developers, UI/UX designers and related project teams and users.

From Business to Buttons: UX, Service Design, Innovation
Date: April 21, 2015
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Set in scenic Stockholm, From Business to Buttons served as a meeting place for those looking to generate new business ideas via great user experiences.


Date: April 23-25, 2015
Location: Cologne, Germany
Meet up with InDesign and publishing experts from all over Europe. Valuable tips and tricks were shared for everyday work and how to perform faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Future of Web Design Conference

Date: April 27-29, 2015.
Location: London, England
9th annual Future of Web Design Conference is taking place from 27-29th April 2015 at ETC Venues, London. An event aimed at designer and developers who want to take their skills to the next level in usability, responsive design, CSS and front-end development.


Date: April 28-29, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, USA
SmashingConf is travelling this spring to LA. It’s a 2 day conference with workshops, speaking sessions, hands-on tutorials and networking opportunities with fellow design workers.

M2M World Congress 2015

Date: April 28-29, 2015
Location: London, England
Following the footsteps of success of an amazing event in 2014, M2M World Congress 2015, is world’s leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) event. Location of activities this year is London.


99U Conference

Date: April 30- May1, 2015
Location: New York City, USA
Shifting the focus from idea generation to idea execution, 99U Conference hosts over 20 talks. Industry experts and field leaders offer opportunities to visit their workplaces. There is plenty of time to network, enjoy a cocktail reception and of course a big after-party.

Front-Trends 2015

Date: May 6-8, 2015
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw plays host to an annual gathering of web designers, mobile developers, UI/UX designers, JS, HTML5 and CSS pros from all over the world.

An Event Apart Boston
Date: May 11-13, 2015
Location: Boston, USA
Boston brings together local and international web design practitioners to hold talks and enable attendees to share experiences and learn.

SDD 2015
Date: May 11-15, 2015
Location: Barbican, England
5 day event with 100+ sessions, workshops and key notes delivered on a wide range of topics by world class speakers. Breakdown: 3 day conference, 2 day workshops.

WebVisions Portland

Date: May 12-15, 2015
Location: Portland, USA
WebVisions explores the possibilities of user experience, content creation, web design and business strategy.

Up Front 2015
Date: May 19, 2015
Location: Manchester, England
Featuring big names of the industry, Up Front 2015 is a one-day conference on front-end for anyone who creates the web.

Confab Central 2015

Date: May 20-22, 2015
Location: Minneapolis, USA
Over 650 marketers, UX/UI professionals, content creators and communicators collaborate in Minneapolis to deliver more topics, more speakers and more value.

What Design Can Do

Date: May 21-22, 2015
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
An internationally focused two-day event, exploring the leverage of powerful design and linking it with cataclysm of social disruption.

TYPO Berlin
Date: May 21-23, 2015
Location: Berlin, Germany
Organized by the flamboyant, charismatic, Erik Spiekermann, Typo Berlin is one of Europe’s most resounding design events. More than 50 experts from varied fields i.e. design, typography, communication and psychology will address an attendance of more than 200.

Offf Barcelona 2015

Date: May 28-30, 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Spain invites a community of eager learners to come together in 3-day social journey filled with conferences, workshops, activities and performances.



Future Insights Live

Date: June 1-4, 2015
Location: Las Vegas, USA
An event for web design and development professionals who want up their game and push the limits of the web. With a day of intensive workshops plus 3 days of inspirational sessions, #FILIVE is the place to take your skills to the next level.

User Experience Lisbon 2015
Date: June 3-5, 2015
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon invites all design concerned and connected to a 3-day conference on UX. 16 hands-on workshops, 10 inspiring talks and countless networking encounters with fellow UX professionals from the world.

UX LAusanne 2015
Date: June 4-5, 2015
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Creating connections between local and international creators in the field User Experience, Lausanne plays host to design and communication professionals.

webinale 2015
Date: June 7-10, 2015
Location: Berlin, Germany
Webniale 2015 is conference for all – web techies. Whoever is making a ripple in the giant pond of World Wide Web is invited.- Digital, Social, Web, Mobile, Design, UX/UI and Readers.

An Event Apart San Diego
Date: June 8-10, 2015
Location: San Diego. USA
Similar to Boston, San Diego offers extensive learning experiences for anyone who works on the web and follow standard practices.

UX Scotland 2015

Date: June 10-12, 2015
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
As always a great and practical UX conference in UK. Third year in running, UX Scotland 2015 promises to be bigger and better than 2013 and 2014.

Web Design Day 2015
Date: June 12, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, USA
Web Design Day 2015- a small and friendly one-day conference to bring out the best of web design in Pittsburgh. Group discussions, debates, brainstorming sessions paralleled with high-end presentations await you.

CSSDay 2015

Date: June 12, 2015
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam hosts CSSDay Conference with 8 world-class speakers filled with design, styling and development knowledge for workers in intermediate and advanced levels in career.

SmashingConf New York 2015

Date: June 15-18, 2015
Location: New York, USA
After the groundbreaking success in 2014, SmashingConf New York is back. 3 days, 20 speakers, hands-on training sessions, networking opportunities and many more .

Date: June 19-20, 2015
Location: Nashville, USA
Breaking Development Conference (BDConf) is a multi-location conference about the mobile web. It’s a gathering of forward thinking and creative professionals looking to improve mobile designs and user experience.

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