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Color Code – A Guide to Color Selection for Brands

May 21, 2015 Stacy Adams

Brands are inextricably intertwined with the use of colors. Colors add instantaneous voice to the brand and conveys message with adding meaning to the value of it. We perceive a lot more from a single image as it can be comprehended all it once in a very short window of time compared to words (reading and hearing). On a similar note, consumers associate a brand with colors and shape more instinctively. Programmed for instant response towards colors and shapes, humans remember the most about a brand by these two elements.

Following on the power of perception, we know as a fact that different colors have different feel and association with a brand. Certain colors evoke a particular emotion and feeling towards the brand consequently driving the brand identity and reciprocation from consumers.

We sorted a few verticals of industry from automotive to health care. Focus of creation was to identify the correlation between the use of color and emotional response to it. Some colors are signature for certain industries. They denote a specific emotion and inculcate a response.

Check out the following infographic on Color Code for Brands.
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